Tuesday, March 30, 2010

6 Steps Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a type of cancer with the number of cases in the world, as well as the largest cause of death. Most new patients are detected at an advanced stage of cancer is not symptomatic.

Increasing age, the greater the risk of a woman's cancer. This makes us worry. Even so, we can turn fear into a concrete action to prevent the disease so these women scourge.

1. Active
There is no word old to start exercising. The study mentions, exercise lowers the levels of the hormone estrogen, which is associated with cancer. Do exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

2. Lose weight
After menopause, obese women have a greater risk of breast cancer than peers who had normal weight. Even so, the increase in body weight in women who had an ideal weight also brings the same risk.

3. Cukupi vitamin D needs
Study confirms the benefits of vitamin D as an anti-cancer continue to emerge. The last mentioned, 94 percent of breast cancer patients who lack vitamin D, the cancer spread more quickly than those who were enough vitamin D.

4. Limit alcohol
Recent data from the National Cancer Institute shows women who drank one or two glasses of alcohol every day have an increased risk of breast cancer 32 percent larger. The experts recommend limiting alcohol to no more than one drink per day.

5. Note symptoms
The early symptoms of breast cancer can be a lump usually feels different than the surrounding breast tissue, painless, and usually have an irregular edge. Other signs that may arise is benjolandi armpit, change the size or shape of the breast, an abnormal discharge from the nipple, and changes in skin color or texture of the breast.

6. Apply early detection
Screening and early detection can actually significantly reduces the stadium on the findings of breast cancer cases. In addition to mammography, breast self-examination (Realize) that can be taught, and practiced by the women, if done regularly can detect a tumor 1.2 centimeters.

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