Monday, May 10, 2010

Many Ways to Slim After Childbirth

Who is the most courageous women? The answer maybe Heidi Klum. Only five weeks after his fourth child's birth, Lou, She was already appearing lingerie models the Victoria's Secret collection, November 2009. Last Thursday, while on vacation in Mexico to celebrate the fifth wedding anniversary, 37-year-old model was seen was wearing a bikini.

In six weeks, the woman from German was successful in reducing weight as much as 11 kg. Klum recognizes there are some things that benefit themselves. First, She's got good genes. Second, during pregnancy, it reduces the intake of carbs. She also did not experience cravings or overweight. After giving birth, She also provides milk for her child.

Third, and this is a luxury that only owned the famous: flying a personal trainer based in New York, David Kirsch, to his home in Los Angeles. This occurs when must appear on the show Klum Victoria's Secret in 2005, eight weeks after the birth of her second child, Henry.

Exercising again after nine months pregnant is not easy. "If you do not exercise for some time, everything went numb," She said.

Training patterns are applied Kirsch exercises twice daily. Then, wherever you go, She brought exercise equipment that could do for himself. This includes two ankle weights as heavy as 1 kg (remember that is Gwyneth Paltrow?), Medicine ball weighing 2 kg (similar to basketball but heavy, can be purchased at sports stores), and DVD Boot Camp provided Kirsch.

Fourth, willy-nilly, on a diet. Kirsch made sweeping in the fridge Klum. Bread and liverwurst (German sausage), the usual breakfast menu so successfully removed. Similarly, ice cream sprinkled with berry fruit juice on top. "Everything is forbidden!" She exclaimed, adding that being a mother of four children aged 7 months to 6 years, also kept her active.

Other Heidi Klum, other celebrities also another way in restoring normal weight after giving birth. You want to try to trick them?

Adriana Lima

After giving birth Valentina, November 2009, Adriana train with trainer Michael Oladjide in Aerospace High Performance Center. Unsparing, his training schedule every day, even sometimes he practiced two times a day. Training such as boxing, jump rope, cardio exercises and high-impact type with a duration of between 1-2 hours.

For his diet, this Brazilian model do not eat carbs, and eat only protein for three weeks. Now She's back to eating carbohydrates, but refused to count calories. "Basically I just try to watch what I eat, only nutritious," She said.

Ellen PompeoKeeping the weight fixed to do since pregnancy. When pregnant, the star of Grey's Anatomy this exercise three days a week, and reducing food packaging in the diet. No wonder when weighed down very fast so delivery.

Kelly RutherfordThis Beverly Hills 90210 star was a lot of eating green vegetables while still pregnant. She often cravings steamed kale, radishes, and organic turkey burgers. After giving birth, breastfeeding plays an important role in reducing the weight of females aged 40 years.

Parminder Nagra

Her name is also an Indian. When pregnant, "I'm craving Indian food," said the former star of this series ER. Spicy flavor spice it also makes the metabolism increases. Four weeks after giving birth, she was exercising again.

Sarah Michelle PrinzeA month after giving birth to his first daughter, Sarah has returned to its original weight. There was no official explanation about how She threw away the extra pounds, but he followed during pregnancy pilates classes three times a week with trainer Alycea Ungaro.

Nicole Richie

Her partner, Joel Madden, has said that Nicole's pregnancy cravings for burgers at In-N-Out. In fact, Nicole is always asking midnight. Fortunately, he soon turned again. Two weeks after giving birth to her second child, Sparrow, daughter of Lionel Richie's back is slim. The secret is a diet of organic food, pilates and exercise regularly.

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